2013 Basel Rolex grand launch of the new Oyster series watch

Basel, Switzerland, April 24, 2013 -uk replica watches grand launch of the new Oyster series watch. Rolex's exhibition covers an area of ​​1,230 square meters, is the Basel World uk replica watches and Jewelery Fair one of the largest exhibition. These new watches will be the perfect combination of technological innovation and exquisite beauty. Each of the Swiss official certification recognized by the time certification (COSC), is the legendary Oyster series watch relentless pursuit of the perfect course of the latest interpretation. \ The speed of the carol A full 50 years ago, in 1963, Rolex launched a design for the racing driver, can calculate the speed of the Oyster-style constant-motion universe meter Dayton watch. This watch records the racing track on the brilliant achievements, but also the achievements of the iconic position, to become the world's most famous and most respected chronograph watch. In 2013, Rolex further strengthened cooperation with the racing industry to become a Formula 1 Formula One global partner and the General Assembly designated timepiece, and for the first time introduced the use of the most noble metal - platinum made of the new universe meter Dieton Watch. This new watch is equipped with a unique ice blue surface and maroon CERACHROM ceramic word circle, so watch the famous speedometer outer ring particularly attention. \ \ Inheritance and Innovation CERACHROM ceramic word circle came out in 2005, by Rolex exclusive research and patented special ceramic materials made, but also for innovation, with a breakthrough 904L stainless steel models Oyster-style constant movement Greenwich II watch. Rolex also successfully research two-color CERACHROM word circle. The new Greenwich II watch 24-hour word circle half of the blue, half of the black, respectively, on behalf of the day and night time. This design and 1955 came out of the first Greenwich watch red and blue echoes the outer ring. The first Greenwich watch is designed for airline pilots so they can read both time zones at the same time. \ \ Love the ocean Designed for the yacht design Oyster constant motion yacht type II watch launched the first 904L stainless steel watch, which is Rolex presented this year, the third new professional series watch. The first Oyster-style constant-flow yacht Mirage II watch came out in 2007, made of 18 ct gold, with Rolex original mechanical memory set countdown programming function, ideally satisfied with the sailboat race accurate timing demand. Rotary RING COMMAND outer ring is an unprecedented Rolex patent watch set time interface, can easily switch between the different functions of the watch. The new 904L stainless steel yacht Mingshi II watch in the precise, functional and reliable aspects are reflected in the professional Rolex, is a model of maritime enthusiasts. \ \ Distinguished and elegant Rolex for the original classic distinguished watch series to add new products, the introduction of colorful new Oyster constant moving calendar calendar watch, its gorgeous leather strap and surface color perfect match. These new week calendar watch made of 18 ct gold, white gold or eternal rose gold, with a triangular pit outer ring, for this 1956 advent of the distinguished calendar watch added a ray of new ideas. \ \ \ \ \ Inlaid with diamond-shaped outer ring is also the launch of the seven new calendar calendar type of common features. These watches are made of 18 ct gold, white gold or eternal rose gold, with this unique style of exquisite exquisite: decorated with gold and diamonds mother of pearl painted surface or decorated with lapis lazuli, cattle eye stone and ferrite And other bright gem of the surface of the Ox ornaments, are bright. \ \ Rolex also introduced a new jewelry design, the most precious metal and bright gems perfect combination. The new oyster constant movement women's log pearl ladies watch case and watch with 18 ct eternal rose gold, with 18 ct white gold outer ring and strap chain, set with the top diamond. This jewelry watch gorgeous incomparable, its surface decorated with black or white mother of pearl, and inlaid pink gold lotus pattern. \ \ Thanks to Rolex's rich watchmaking tradition and excellent technology, all the new Oyster series watches presented by the Basel World Watch & Jewelery Fair in 2013 are Rolex's results as an independent, integrated watch manufacturer. But also rely on Rolex with its unswerving value and unparalleled methods, continue its excellence, and strive to perfect the enthusiasm.